Step 1Show Off

Show your peers how cool these technologies are by building a quick, sample app that you can demo to your peers.

Deliver higher quality releases more frequently

Want to show off the benefits of type-safety?

  1. Download Typesafe Activator
  2. Create a new app using the Reactive Stocks template
  3. Open Reactive Stocks in your browser: localhost:9000
  4. See what happens when you make a typo in one of the following files:
    (Hint: Reload your browser to see a pretty compile error)

What to show off how easy it is to deploy containerless Play applications?

  1. From a command line in the root of the Reactive Stocks app you just created, run: activator dist
  2. Copy the generated zip file to a different machine / server, extract the zip, and run the start script in the bin directory

Of course deployment can be even more agile when you combine the Typesafe Reactive Platform with tools and services like Heroku, Docker, Mesos, etc.

Need help convincing your peers and management to use the Typesafe Reactive Platform: Play Framework, Akka and Scala? Just tell us a bit about yourself.