Step 2Get Proof

After a successful demo, prove the value to your peers with these handy resources.

Build HTML5, Mobile, NoSQL, and Big Data apps

Build HTML5, mobile, NoSQL, and big data apps using frameworks designed for it.

  • Single Page Apps with JavaScript are now the primary way to build UIs.
  • Rather than just a single UI, back-ends are now shared across mobile, web, and other back-ends.
  • Micro-services and everything-as-a-service movements make Reactive composition critical.
  • The explosion of data has paved the way for new Big Data technologies.
  • NoSQL storage has freed us from sticking everything into a relational model.
The Typesafe Reactive Platform is at the forefront of these emerging trends, providing a cohesive platform to bring all these pieces together.

Introducing Modern Technologies

Introducing Scala To Your Peers - Mentor Graphics

When looking for ways to provide peers with proof, consider creating a casual knowledge sharing environment. That’s what Sr. Architect Joe Barnes did at Mentor Graphics. This video captures his introduction to functional programming in Scala and is filled with inspiring ideas to help jumpstart your presentation.

Watch the Video

Modernization In Action

From Rails To Reactive - Gilt Groupe

Gilt was originally a Ruby on Rails application with a PostgreSQL backend in 2007. Gilt grew faster than anyone could have imagined and everyone was caught off guard by how difficult it was to scale the Rails stack. This article does a great job of describing Gilt’s historical transition from Rails to the Typesafe Reactive Platform.

Read The Article

From Monolith To Micro-Services - The Guardian

There are a ton of example case studies on our website that discuss the benefits of moving from a monolithic code base to micro-services. The Guardian case study is a good fit if your enterprise company is currently using Java. Plus, it nicely weaves in the Java-to-Scala story.

Read the Case Study

From PHP To Play/Scala - Huffington Post

John Pavley, CTO shares his perspectives on modernizing the infrastructure at the Huffington Post in this detailed engineering blog post.

While keeping things simple, safe, and reusable can be done in PHP it takes a tremendous amount of effort. Scala enforces humanistic coding by default. You can write bad code with Scala but you have to work hard to do it.

Read the Huffington Post Community Story

From .NET To Play/Scala - Empathica

This is a story about how Empathica as an organization transformed itself from being a Microsoft .NET shop to a Scala one. It didn’t happen overnight, and this is not a how-to guide, but it does help to show the value and potential of this migration.

Read The Developer Community Story

Need help convincing your peers and management to use the Typesafe Reactive Platform: Play Framework, Akka and Scala? Just tell us a bit about yourself.