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After a successful demo, prove the value to your peers with these handy resources.

Code faster with mature tools & libraries, type-safety, and integrated testing

The Typesafe Reactive Platform has productivity baked in.

  • Play Framework features a just-hit-refresh workflow while still being type-safe and using a compiler to catch mistakes.
  • Akka removes error-prone concurrency problems that are usually very hard to find and fix.
  • Scala (if you choose to use it) has numerous modern language features like type inference, functional paradigms, and boiler-plate reducing constructs like case classes.

Framing Developer Productivity

Understanding Individual And Team Productivity - LinkedIn

One of the strongest evangelists at discussing developer productivity is Yevgeniy (Jim) Brikman, the lead developer bringing the Play Framework and Scala to LinkedIn.

The first part of the video discusses how LinkedIn is using our technologies build front-end and back-end services at massive scale. Forward the video to 43:34 to hear his interesting take on developer productivity.

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Scala Wins InfoWorld’s Technology of the Year Award

Scala's appealing fusion of the object-oriented and functional programming paradigms has brought it a substantial following since its introduction in 2003. Scala has demonstrated that you can have the benefits of compile-time static typing -- with a very powerful type system -- while preserving the "rapid application development" aspects and productivity usually associated with dynamically typed languages. Featuring excellent support for concurrent programming using the Actor model, as well as terrific supporting libraries and frameworks like Akka and Play, Scala is poised to be a major mainstream player for decades to come.

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Developer Productivity In Action

Speeding Mobile Development By 4x - 47 Degrees

After one month, 47 Degrees, a software development agency focused native mobile apps, realized that developing web applications and REST API’s with Play and Scala made their team at least four times more productive.

Play’s built-in support for JSON serialization, reusable templates and Scala features such as traits, higher order functions and Singleton style companion objects sped development and reduced the codebase considerably (since many of the patterns and techniques they had to worry about in Java are built into Play, Akka and Scala).

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Decreasing Codebase by 78% - Gawker

It stands to reason that reducing your codebase can have a tremendous impact on developer productivity. That was certainly the case at Gawker.

After seven years of PHP development, the team at Gawker Media started to bump into issues maintaining an unruly 300,000-line codebase. They made the move to consolidate their fragmented infrastructure under a JVM-based umbrella, and, in turn, consolidated their codebase to approximately 65,000 lines of Scala.

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