Step 1Show Off

Show your peers how cool these technologies are by building a quick, sample app that you can demo to your peers.

Handle billions of transactions per day and CPU intensive operations with ease

Want to show off the Scalability of the Typesafe Reactive Platform? Here is a great demo for that.

Show off 40k Requests per Second with Play Framework

This demo shows how Play can handle tens of thousands of requests per second while remaining Responsive. Learn more about the Responsive trait of Reactive applications in the Reactive Manifesto.

  1. Download the Reactive Scales Activator template
  2. Extract the zip and launch the Activator UI either by running the activator (Mac & Linux) or activator.bat (Windows) from your file browser or from the command line with activator ui
  3. Follow the instruction in the tutorial

To see this demo in action check out this short screencast:

This was a simple single-server demo but of-course you can also scale horizontally with many Play nodes behind a load balancer. Need proof? Continue reading to learn about how Klout handles 1 billion transactions a day through Play.

Need help convincing your peers and management to use the Typesafe Reactive Platform: Play Framework, Akka and Scala? Just tell us a bit about yourself.